Energy and Resources professor Dan Kammen, who co-directs the Transportation Sustainability Research Center, test drives a Smart Car at the Infineon Raceway in Sonoma County, California.

ITS Berkeley News

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    This issue of the newsletter examines how ITS students and faculty have transformed good ideas into marketable products and how UC Berkeley's partnership with Hyundai has yielded positive results for the University and its students as well as the automaker.

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    TSRC Co-Director Dan Kammen recently attended the UN Climate Summit in New York City. In a National Geographic blog post he calls for a national movement by and for consumers to combat climate change. He writes that better health and lower costs are among the public benefits of climate protection.

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    A new UC Berkeley program designed to introduce students from around the world to Silicon Valley's unique success in innovation and entrepreneurship took another step forward with the signing of an agreement with the French engineering school, École Polytechnique.