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  • ...Governing’s Mike Maciag writes that efforts to improve walkability have often been centered in downtown areas and commercial districts while poor people, priced out of those neighborhoods, are moving into less walkable suburbs...

  • serial unlicensed driver who killed a pedestrian will pay a few hundred dollars in fines pursuant to a plea deal with Brooklyn District Attorney Ken Thompson. Two motorists hit 32-year-old Nicole Detweiler as she crossed McGuinness Boulevard at Nassau Avenue in the early evening hours of December 29, 2013. She died at the scene.

    Streetsblog NYC
  • A majority of Americans think the economic benefits of good transportation outweigh the cost to taxpayers, but they can’t agree on how to pay for new highways or repairs of old ones, according to a new Associated Press-GfKpoll. Six in 10 people surveyed said the cost of good highways, railroads and airports is justified by their benefits. Among those who drive places multiple times per week, 62 percent say the benefits outweigh the costs. Among those who drive less than once a week or not at all, 55 percent say the costs are worthwhile.

    AP/Washington Post
  • For nearly a century, Missouri has taxed drivers to pay for its roads. That’s always provided enough — until now. On Tuesday, voters will decide on a historic change that would tax virtually everything they buy in order to yield more money for roads and bridges...In the past year and a half, one-fourth of the states have hiked taxes, fees or fines, and at least a dozen others are studying options, according to an Associated Press review. The push comes as the traditional revenue sources — federal and state fuel taxes — have deteriorated because of more fuel-efficient vehicles, more people driving less, and stagnant tax rates.

    Washington Post
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    ...This week, beginning in San Francisco, Lyft will introduce a new feature, Lyft Line, that instantly matches riders who are traveling between similar places at similar times, and offers each of them a deep discount to share a ride rather than go solo. The plan is a clever way for a car-sharing app to go beyond reducing our dependence on private car ownership — with car-pooling, it could end up reducing the number of cars on the road.

    New York Times
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    ...The Obama administration has spent nearly $11 billion since 2009 to develop faster passenger trains, but the projects have gone mostly nowhere and the United States still lags far behind Europe and China, where trains on average top 220 m.p.h. 

    New York Times
  • A century ago today, drivers on East 105th Street and Euclid Avenue in Cleveland were first treated to one of the most exciting traffic innovations of the time—an electric traffic light.

  • ...To want a longer trip to or from work may seem strange, if not pathologically self-loathing, when considering all that's known about the stresses and health hazards of commuting. Still, I'm not entirely alone here. You might think the ideal commute is no commute, but when you actually ask commuters, that isn't always what they say.

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    As John Lyman drives his Yellow Cab through the streets of San Francisco, he uses smartphone apps called Taxi Magic and Flywheel to help connect him with riders. Both apps let passengers hail taxis simply by tapping their phones. Both are the beleaguered taxi industry's best hope to compete with tech-enabled upstarts like Uber, Lyft and Sidecar, which have siphoned off their customers.

    SF Chronicle
  • Workers who operate Golden Gate Ferry service out of Larkspur and Sausalito to San Francisco have authorized a strike vote, which could potentially shut down service and impact thousands of commuters.

    Marin Independent Journal