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  • The California High-Speed Rail Authoritytook its first formal step Thursday to procure trains, asking rail manufacturers to submit interest letters for an initial order of up to 95 sets of engines and cars. The trains must be capable of transporting passengers from San Francisco to Los Angeles in less than three hours.

    Sacramento Business Journal
  • Ready for the latest plot twists in the long-running Bay Bridge Eastern Span Steel-Rod Saga? Here they are:

  • Two-thirds of Sonoma and Marin county residents surveyed recently in a poll commissioned by SMART said they would consider riding the North Bay’s future commuter train, an indication that agency officials said reflects the possibility of commuters’ high interest in the rail service.

    Santa Rosa Press Democrat
  • For rent: one subway system. That seems to be the approach of Madrid Metro, which is taking public transit advertising to unprecedented levels. Until the end of October, users of Madrid Metro’s map app (downloaded 1.2 million times so far) will find their plan peppered with the logo of a supermarket chain. Thanks to a deal with French retail giant Carrefour—continental Europe’s answer to Walmart—logos of the megachain will appear wherever there’s one near a Metro station. 

  • The future holds more and more stuff to be transported—and infrastructure will have to change drastically to accommodate our appetites.

  • ...Caltrans officials say workers with the bridge’s main contractor, the joint venture American Bridge/Fluor, tensioned the 25-foot-long rods after the fasteners had already been sealed with watertight grout and caulked. That can break the seal with the grout, creating a tiny gap between it and the rods, experts said Wednesday.

    SF Chronicle
  • ...BART has no system for notifying passengers when most lots fill up, but that may be changing...According to BART officials, the agency is working on a solution at several stations.

    SF Chronicle
  • Simply click on the website of the Economic Experts panel hosted by the Initiative on Global Markets at the University of Chicago, and it will immediately summon an easily digested summary of the insights of mainstream economics into continuing political controversies. As with Uber, the results are convenient, reliable and mobile-friendly. 

    New York Times
  • Gov. Jerry Brown signed a bill Tuesday that no longer requires Marin County to have the same high-density affordable housing as San Francisco...Marin will now be designated a "suburban" community instead of "metropolitan." This means future affordable housing developments can be built at 20 units per acre versus the 30-units-per-acre previously required by the state. 

    Marin Independent Journal
  •  ...Two projects will provide continuous carpool/express lanes in both directions on I-80 from Red Top Road in Fairfield to I-505 in Vacaville. 

    Mercury News