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  • Hundreds of business and political leaders gathered in San Jose to consider the advantages of merging the nine-county San Francisco Bay Area and Silicon Valley into a single region, sharing everything from city dumps to water treatment plants as communities sprawl across borders.

  • Commuting in the Bay Area has turned nasty...Thieves are increasingly tearing out valuable copper wiring that powers metering lights, traffic signals, lights on freeway signs and city streetlights....Ramp meters have been dark at Isabel Avenue to Interstate 580 since October, on I-280 at Avalon Drive on the Peninsula for a couple of months and at Almaden Expressway onto Highway 85 for two weeks.


    Mercury News
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    Sonoma County's “electric trail,” a fledgling network of charging stations for electric vehicles, continues to expand...“Our goal is to get charging stations throughout the whole county and start to market the county as an EV (electric vehicle) destination,” said Dave Head, the county official who oversees the program to install more public charging stations.

    Santa Rosa Press-Democrat
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    ...Anyone who's sat in one of the Southern California parking lots called a freeway knows that traffic there seems far more pervasive, persistent and painful than it does in the Bay Area. But according to the Texas Transportation Institute's Urban Mobility Report, the San Francisco-Oakland region is indeed tied with L.A. for second place - behind Washington, D.C. - for yearly delay caused by congestion.

    SF Chronicle
  • Complaining about Metrorail has long been a popular pastime here in Washington, D.C. The aging system's slow but seemingly steady decline had certainly been the subject of scrutiny before the horrific 2009 Red Line crash that killed nine people, but it's come into sharper focus in the years since....WMATA's present and future reputation suffered a major setback on Wednesday night, after a fire near the Anacostia Metro station stranded multiple trains underground, without power, for several hours. 

    Atlantic Cities
  • Federal regulators have tweaked a key aviation standard to improve the flow of cargo jets in and out of FedEx's world hub at Memphis International Airport. The Federal Aviation Administration says it has boosted overall efficiency at the Memphis airport by more than 15 percent by reducing separation between most of FedEx's jets. The new standards, in place at Memphis since last Nov. 1, will be expanded to other airports with concentrations of heavy, wide-body aircraft, including San Francisco, Louisville and Atlanta, over the next couple years, FAA officials said Wednesday.

    Commercial Appeal
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     If you’re in the market for a car in a crowded inner city, you inevitably have to chose between two mutually exclusive options. You can get a tiny car, good for parallel parking in enviable tight spots, or you can get something with a bigger frame but worse gas mileage that’s less likely to consume you in a collision. You cannot, as a general rule, get both.

    Atlantic Cities
  • People don't always make rational decisions. The entire field of behavioral economics, with all its colorfully named biases and heuristics, is based on our irrationality. If that's not enough to convince you, then let us remind you that Here Comes Honey Boo Boo is a thing. Go ahead and add cars to the illogical list too. In an upcoming paper in Transport Policy, a group of Italian researchers report that people show an irrational bias toward automobiles — they call it the "car effect."

    Atlantic Cities
  • ...Despite progress in cities across the globe, every day, investment decisions are still being made at the international, national, local, and individual levels that threaten to lock new and existing cities into unsustainable transportation patterns....An example of sustainable vs. unsustainable transport can be seen when you compare Beijing and Shanghai. Both cities have 20 million inhabitants. But while Shanghai decided early to invest in public transport and to limit the number of cars allowed in the city, Beijing did not. 

    National Geographic
  • There's been little doubt that Boeing's 787 Dreamliner problems will be costly for both Boeing and its customers. Today (Jan. 31), we're getting one of the first concrete figures on just how much financial damage the 787 problems are causing.

    USA Today