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  • ...BART officials this week unveiled a proposal to raise fares 5.2 percent next year, increasing the average fare from about $3.44 to $3.62. Exact fares depend on the distance traveled.

    Mercury News
  • zz1936baybridgeopening.jpg

    Bay Area bridge commuters will be ponying up $37 for each of the 150,000 people expected to walk across the new Bay Bridge span during the big Labor Day opening celebration. That's the breakdown on the math for the $5.6 million in toll money going toward the public side of the public-private celebration marking completion of the new eastern span.

    SF Chronicle
  • The nation’s first privately funded high-speed rail line, which would connect Las Vegas with Southern California, remains in a holding pattern, awaiting a decision on a federal government loan, a representative of the company said Tuesday.

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    Snow was still dumping down on Boston Friday evening when the city had to pull down itspublic website for tracking snow plows. Within a couple of hours of snowfall the site had over a million requests from users. Boston’s total population is 625,000. “[The site] couldn’t handle all the traffic,” said John Gulfoil, spokesman for Mayor Thomas Menino. “It was hurting our efforts to actually track our own plows,” he said.

    Transportation Nation
  • When the LAX airport commissioners voted on their modernization plan last week, much of the attention focused on the controversial north runway move. But there was huge people mover news, too....the approved plan calls for a people mover to run from Manchester Square along an elevated guideway, mostly along 98th Street, to the central terminal area, where it will travel on a path between the terminal buildings and parking garages. Let's take a look at the planned stops...

    LA Curbed
  • Caltrans -- which manages two of the nation’s busiest passenger rail lines, including the “San Joaquin,” which runs between Bakersfield in the Central Valley and Emeryville in the East Bay -- is asking its passenger base what they think about rail systems in the Golden State.

    Central Valley Business Times
  • A high-ranking  Metrolink executive resigned over the weekend following a scathing report that revealed accounting irregularities and raised questions about the regional railroad’s financial management.

    LA Times
  • zzolderbiker.jpg

    ...To get a better handle on the potential public health benefits of bike-share systems, a group of Canadian researchers led by Daniel Fuller recently evaluated the ridership effects of Montreal's great program, BIXI. In the March 2013 issue [PDF] of the American Journal of Public Health, Fuller and company report that if you build it, the riders will (eventually) come...

    Atlantic Cities
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    ...In the early 1960s – when highway construction was at its peak and cars were just beginning to leave their mark – a handful of critics predicted there would be irreconcilable tensions between vibrant cities and their motorized inhabitants. Nearly 50 years later, researchers at the University of Pennsylvania published research validating this idea.

    Atlantic Cities
  • Twenty ethanol plants have ceased production as farmers struggle to produce corn during the ongoing drought. The Renewable Fuels Association said 191 plants remain operational.

    E&E Greenwire