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    With reconstruction of the Sonoma-Marin commute rail line well under way, officials say the system is within budget and on track to begin service in early 2016. 

    Santa Rosa Press-Democrat
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    ...After more than a decade of scrambling for scarce funds, the area often voted the South Bay's biggest traffic headache is about to get a $52.1 million makeover.

    Mercury News
  • A measure to boost Alameda County's transportation sales tax to the highest in Northern California -- to a full one cent -- is trailing so narrowly that its fate may not be decided for days. Measure B1, which would double the current half-cent transportation sales tax, would provide nearly $8 billion over three decades to boost spending on roads, freeways and public transit....The measure would provide money for fixing potholes, improving freeway intersections, restoring public transit service cuts and funding public transit improvements.

    Oakland Tribune
  • International firms are investing in biodiesel production in Brazil, a country on the verge of becoming the world's top grower of soybeans, the main source of the biofuel....Biodiesel has matured into a $6 billion per year industry since Brazil's former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva encouraged family farmers to grow palm and castor plants for fuel a decade ago to spur rural development. 

  •  Federal regulators have approved a settlement between California and NRG Energy Inc. that paves the way for the construction of more than 10,000 electric vehicle charging stations across the Sunshine State. EVgo, a subsidiary of New Jersey-based NRG Energy, will pay the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) $102.5 million to install the "freedom stations," according to the pact that the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission approved.

  • Facebook’s move to Menlo Park late last year has created a small windfall for one of the richest communities on the Peninsula....East Palo Alto, one of the poorest cities in the region, received $650,000 from Facebook to compensate for increased congestion on its streets.

    Bay Citizen
  • ...The cancellations across the Northeast included 596 today, after 1,612 on Wednesday, according to the flight-tracking company FlightAware.com. But airlines anticipate returning to normal service as the storm lumbers away.

    USA Today
  • Mobile satellite navigation startup Waze launched a global advertising platform on Wednesday, targeting its 30 million users based on their location.

    Chicago Tribune
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    ...Campus chemists and chemical engineers teamed up to produce diesel fuel from the products of a bacterial fermentation discovered nearly 100 years ago by the first president of Israel, chemist Chaim Weizmann. The retooled process produces a mix of products that contain more energy per gallon than ethanol that is used today in transportation fuels and could be commercialized within 5-10 years.

    UC Berkeley News Center
  • Nora speaks with Daniel Kammen, professor of energy at the University of California Berkeley and a member of the United Nation's Sustainable Energy For All task force. In the wake ofHurricane Sandy, we wanted to talk with him about about access to power.