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    What are you looking at? When it comes to crossing the street, the city’s Department of Transportation hopes the answer is oncoming traffic—and not your smartphone or your beautiful European model boyfriend....The heart of the program is a cleverly designed LOOK logo, created by design impresario Michael Bierut and his team at Pentagram. Turning the O’s into anthropomorphic eyes, the graphics provide an arresting reminder to straight-ahead New Yorkers. Especially when they are seared into the pavement of some 110 crosswalks at the city’s most dangerous intersections.

    New York Observer
  • Airplane aisles can get as congested as an L.A. freeway when passengers are boarding...Now, a company in Denver led by a retired Australian Navy test pilot has come up with an idea to speed up boarding. Molon Labe Designs' Side-Slip Seat is an aisle seat that slides on top of the middle seat to create more room in the aisle. Once boarding is over, the aisle seat returns to its normal position.

    USA Today
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    This "Motor Capsule" has everything that a sports-bike enthusiast would desire: a dangerous-looking design, a low profile for rapid traffic moves, a throaty exhaust roar that inspires awe in everyone on the sidewalk. Wait, no it doesn't

    Atlantic Cities
  • The major roadblock to the rapid adoption of technology in cars has always been vehicles’ long production cycles. But automakers are also guilty of hampering wide-scale innovation with their proprietary approach to infotainment systems and software, while dragging their feet on a collaborative, open source solution that would benefit consumers and car tech overall. That’s slowly starting to change, as automakers like FordGM, and BMW gradually open their APIs to outside developers. With the announcement of a new Automotive Grade Linux Workgroup (AGL), the free and open source software movement hopes to gain enough leverage to successfully topple traditional automotive infotainment silos.

  • The House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee meets this morning to hold Amtrak to the fire over taxpayer subsidies to the national rail network. Amtrak, founded in 1971, has never made a profit. Over its four decades of operating a for-profit passenger service on 44 rail routes, Amtrak has received about $40 billion in subsidies for capital and operating expenses.

    Transportation Nation
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    ...Few engineers look at a map of Seattle and see anything but a broken mess. Fly over the Midwest, and you see man-made land patterns from geometry class: perfect squares, circles and huge rectangles of corn and wheat, big flat places — seemingly whole states — sectioned-off by ruler and compass. In comparison, Seattle is like a messy bedspread. Attempts to lay down The Grid were derailed from the very beginning, partly because the men who founded the city had different ideas about which direction the grid ought to go.

    Atlantic Cities
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    Heavyweight business groups are staging a last-ditch protest against California's new cap-and-trade carbon market, demanding changes to a program they've labeled a job killer. Manufacturers, oil refiners and others are lining up to testify today before the California Air Resources Board, which will run the carbon market.

    Sacramento Bee
  • ...Such an agreement would have spelled out what the city could receive in exchange for any special considerations requested from developer Walnut creek Transit Lifestyles Associates, a joint venture of a company called Transit Village Associates and apartment giant BRE Properties. The combination residential-commercial project will now go forward through the normal city planning process.

    Contra Costa Times
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    The Federal Railroad Administration gave its approval Wednesday for construction on the first phase of California's high-speed rail system, clearing the final technical hurdle for construction to start next year on a 65-mile stretch from Merced to Fresno.

    AP/SF Chronicle
  • The dismal economy and skyrocketing gas prices may have accomplished what years of advocacy failed to: getting more people to stop driving solo. The share of workers driving to work alone dropped slightly from 2010 to 2011 while commutes on public transportation rose nationally and in some of the largest metropolitan areas, according to Census data out today Thursday.

    USA Today