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  • BART discovered flaws in 23 train wheels after a metal wheel fell off a moving train in Pleasant Hill late last month, shutting down part of the line during the height of the afternoon rush hour.

    Contra Costa Times
  • California drivers pay a staggering $44 billion a year in extra car costs because of traffic jams that seemingly grow worse by the day, spreading potholes and outdated roads and bridges, according to a national highway advocacy group.

    Mercury News
  • Colin and Rachel Britton have a failure to communicate when they slip into their $95,000 Mercedes GL500. Not with each other, with their car. Its voice recognition system is dumbfounded by their British accents, especially Rachel’s...Driving the desire for the car talk is the surge in use of smartphones that are pretty good at obeying voice commands. Here’s the rub: Cars aren’t as smart. Voice-control failures are new-car owners’ top complaint, according to J.D. Power & Associates, which just gave a failing grade to companies’ attempts to make vehicles talk — and listen.

  • Robert Poole, co-founder of the Reason Foundation, has worked on transportation policy for more than three decades and is an influential voice on tolling, congestion pricing and infrastructure finance...Poole’s skepticism about this technology, which he explains in his monthly newsletter published this week, is worth reading. Here’s some of what Poole said.

    Roll Call
  • Oakland has dropped protected bike lanes from its draft proposals to redesign Telegraph Avenue, and the buffered bike lanes that are included would disappear at the most dangerous section, throwing people on bikes into mixed traffic with motor vehicles. The city will hold two open houses this week where the public can weigh in on the draft plan [PDF], on Thursday evening and Saturday morning.

    SF Streetsblog
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    California transit agencies are now allowed greater use of bus-mounted bike racks that hold three bicycles. Governor Jerry Brown signed A.B. 2707 Tuesday, a bill authored Ed Chau (D-Monterey Park) to allows 40-foot-long buses to be equipped with folding bike racks that can carry up to three bikes.

    Streetsblog LA
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    ...Tesla on Wednesday tweeted a map showing its expansion plans for its ‘Supercharger” network through 2015. The electric car maker started delivering Model S cars in Japan on Monday, and started delivering in China earlier this year. It started offering a right-hand drive Model S in Hong Kong in July.

  • A Berkeley councilman has asked the city to require ride-sharing companies to have business licenses and safety standards, and wants protection for disabled access to be part of those new rules...Berkeley Councilman Kriss Worthington wants to require ride-sharing companies to get business licenses, which would bring more money, via fees, into city coffers. He said it’s also a safety issue.

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    ...According to new research that draws on credit and debit card transactions by 3.8 million Americans, Uber’s revenue was about 12 times that of its rival between May 2013 and May 2014. Across the U.S., it provided more than seven times the number of car rides, the report indicates, and it charged much higher rates for its service: $21 per ride on average, compared to Lyft’s $13.

  • Michigan Department of Transportation Director Kirk Steudle knows the importance of an accurate map. While Steudle traversed the rural roads of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula on his way to an airport, his confused GPS system had other plans as he ended up in someone’s driveway.

    Automotive News