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    A proposal to delay California's cap-and-trade program on vehicle fuel is probably doomed, given the governor's recent praise of California's climate change law -- but the effort is still valuable, say supporters of the bill.

    Sacramento Business Journal
  •  An additional $300,000 has been committed to study ways to connect communities north of El Cerrito and Richmond to BART.

    Contra Costa Times
  • ...Despite challenges presented by an economic downturn unmatched in our lifetime and the scope and complexity of delivering the largest public works project ever undertaken in the North Bay, the board's direction to our staff has remained the same: deliver the full rail and pathway project, from Cloverdale to Larkspur, in the shortest time possible.

    Marin Independent Journal
  • A tunnel under the San Gabriel Mountains has been added as an alternate route for the $67.6 billion San Francisco-to-Los Angeles high-speed rail train’s Southern California segment connecting Palmdale to Burbank, officials said Monday. The new, more direct corridor, along with the S-shaped alignment proposed in 2007 that roughly follows the 14 Freeway through Santa Clarita, both will be discussed at seven upcoming public meetings of the California High-Speed Rail Authority in Los Angeles County beginning next week.

    San Gabriel Valley Tribune
  • When it comes to trips per resident, the San Francisco-Oakland area comes in a distant second to New York City, but ahead of Washington, D.C., ranked third.

  • The Federal Highway Administration will continue to reimburse states for transportation projects without anticipated reductions after the Senate Thursday evening adopted House bill H.R. 5021 that provides enough funds for the Highway Trust Fund to keep the program running through May 2015.

    AASHTO Journal
  • Beginning Friday, the much-maligned Google bus and its fellow corporate shuttles will have to start paying up and following a new set of rules. Eleven operators of the sleek, typically white, private shuttles will be charged $3.55 per stop as part of an 18-month test program coordinated by the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency.

    SF Chronicle
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    There’s been a rollicking online debate the past week on the subject of “slow transit.” Matt Yglesias at Voxand Yonah Freemark at Transport Politic noted the downsides of two transit projects — the DC streetcar and the Twin Cities’ Green Line, respectively — arguing that they run too slowly to deserve transit advocates’ unqualified support. Robert Steuteville at Better Cities & Towns! — a publication of the Congress for New Urbanism — responded by defending slow-moving streetcars, saying they help create walkable, mixed-use neighborhoods that make fast, long-distance trips less necessary. 

    Streetsblog Network
  • A technical review of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge, released Thursday by a panel of engineers formed by the state Legislative Analyst’s Office, provided a mixed review of problems facing the new span – praising some actions by the California Department of Transportation and questioning others.

    Sacramento Bee
  • A California Senate report released Thursday said that Department of Transportationmanagers “gagged and banished” at least nine top experts for the new $6.5 billion San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge after they complained about substandard work by the Shanghai, China, firm that built much of the span.

    Sacramento Bee