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  • Carrying more than 19,000 passengers a day, Line 51 is one of the busiest public bus routes in the East Bay. The route travels along major streets through Alameda, Oakland and Berkeley. But the service has been unreliable, with bus-bunching, late and overcrowded buses and severely clogged streets. AC Transit has a plan to end all of that -- and it's a good one.

    Contra Costa Times
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    ...Starting in May, a dozen buses on a variety of inner and outer-London routes will be fitted with the latest kit, which alerts the driver to anyone coming too close to the vehicle. The potentially life-saving devices will employ a version of the parking sensors used on cars, along with a new generation of CCTV monitors that pick out vulnerable road-users and filter out street furniture, to aid the bus driver. Transport for London says it is blazing a trail in bus sensor technology and has asked leading manufacturers to come forward with designs.

    Evening Standard
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    ...Last week, the California Senate Environmental Quality Committee and Natural Resources Committee held a hearing on the safety of rail transportation of crude oil in California, focusing on emergency response. It was clear from that hearing and recent media attention that significant questions remain regarding the best way to regulate oil by rail in California, foster interagency cooperation and ensure adequate emergency response.

    Berkeley Blog
  • Lawmakers looking to relieve traffic congestion in Nashville have hit upon an improbable solution: a monorail. The stretch of I-24 between Nashville and Murfreesboro is one of the most congested in the state, and it’s projected to get even worse as the population grows.

  • A major 60-day rehabilitation project will begin this week at one of Newark Liberty International Airport's major north-south runways...It will keep the runway in a state of good repair and add high-speed taxiways that will help reduce on-ground plane delays. 

    USA Today
  • ...“I thought we would most likely fail,” Musk told “60 Minutes”. At least, though, the company could address the “false perception” that an electric car has to be “ugly and slow and boring like a golf cart,” he added.

  • The U.S. Department of Transportation is issuing a final safety rule that requires rearview technology in many new vehicles. The move is an effort to reduce deaths and serious injuries caused by backup accidents.

    AP/Washington Post
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     China Southern Airlines is the latest Chinese airline topost miserable year-end 2013 results. Net profit dropped 24 percent to 1.99 billion yuan ($321 million), and operating profit fell 70 percent. China Southern Airlines joins Air China, where net profit dropped 32 percent in 2013, and China Eastern Airlines, where it fell by 25 percent.

    Atlantic Cities
  • Car-sharing services like Zipcar can reduce car ownership up to 25 percent, at least according toone recent survey, but they're most effective in dense cities. In suburban areas, the situation gets tougher, since a car-share user might park the car somewhere without a new user nearby to pick it up. The commuter rail station is a good example: it's easy to picture someone dropping off the and riding into work, but harder to see who would use it during the day.

    Atlantic Cities
  • BART's chief engineer has recommended the district hire 40 new track maintenance workers in response to new safety rules imposed by the state after last year's tragic death of two top track experts.

    SF Chronicle