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House Approves 10-Month Extension, Returns Bill to Senate

The House of Representatives approved an amended job-creation bill this afternoon that would extend Highway Trust Fund authorization until Dec. 31, deposit $19.5 billion of general revenue into the Highway Trust Fund, restore this fiscal year's highway funding to $42 billion from $30 billion, and offer additional federal support for states and localities that wish to issue Build America Bonds to finance infrastructure construction. The Highway Trust Fund's authority lapsed Sunday after the House did not act on the 10-month extension last week and after Sen. Jim Bunning, R-KY, held up a separate bill extending authorization by 30 days. Federal Highway Administration reimbursements to state transportation departments ceased Monday and Tuesday and the U.S. Department of Transportation furloughed some 2,000 employees until the Senate was able to clear the measure and President Barack Obama signed it late Tuesday night.

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