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The Big Picture: San Diego and Megaregions

While San Diegans fret over lost jobs, underwater mortgages, disappearing fire pits and unfilled potholes, a small group of big thinkers is leapfrogging beyond today’s crises to take us to the proverbial next level — San Diego as player in a giant “megaregion,” stretching from Los Angeles to Las Vegas to northern BajaCalifornia....“Megaregions, and not cities, are optimally positioned to respond to economic crises for a number of reasons,” says Catherine L. Ross, professor at the Georgia Institute of Technology and editor of the newly published “Megaregions: Planning for Global Competitiveness.”...She said the best example is the $2.8 billion in federal seed money for a high-speed bullet train that came to California because its voters had already passed $10 billion matching funds to start the system’s planning.

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