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ITS Calendar

April 26, 2018
- 4:00 pm
IRLE Director’s Room

The San Francisco Bay Area is currently the jewel in the crown of capitalism—the tech capital of the world and a gusher of wealth from the Silicon Gold Rush. It has been generating jobs, spawning new innovation, and spreading ideas that are changing lives everywhere.

April 27, 2018
- 4:00 pm
Saif Jabari, 290 Hearst Memorial Mining Building

Stochastic models of traffic flow are used in a variety of applications, e.g., traffic state estimation, travel time reliability, and traffic control. This talk will present techniques used to develop stochastic models.

May 11, 2018
1:00 pm to 4:00 pm
Doctoral Students, 290 Hearst Memorial Mining Building
1:00  Paul Anderson 
Conditional Signal Priority: Its Effect on Transit Reliability, Transfers and Traffic

1:30 Mogeng Yin