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UAVs @ Berkeley Take Flight

In just a few short years, the UAVs @ Berkeley club has gone from an idea to a club with a community of students and faculty and research partners of over 100, who are helping draft the UC Berkeley and University of California drone policies for campuses, and created a workspace at the NEXTOR offices at ITS Berkeley, in addition to recruiting new members, racing drones and working on education at events.

Flying Cars

 For many, they still think of flying cars as a concept of the future But in reality, Swiss customers have already bought their helicopter car, while the passenger drone will start service in Dubai soon.

Join the UC Institute of Transportation Studies for a 4-part Policy Forum

In late March and April, Institutes of Transportation Studies at UC Berkeley, Davis, Irvine and Los Angeles will be presenting a series of policy forums at the UC Center Sacramento.This series presents the latest thinking and scientific insights on a range of transportation challenges facing our state and nation. More information about the events is listed below. For those of you who are in the Sacramento area, even occasionally, we hope to see you there!


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