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Transportation Engineering Orientation

Location: ITS Library (412 McLaughlin Hall)

Date: Monday, August 22, 2016, 1-3 pm

1. Welcome & Introductions

2. Research Opportunities
● GSR Positions
● Friday Seminars

3. TE Degree Programs

4. Related Academic Programs

5. Administrative Issues
● Advising Petitions & Financial Support Opportunities
● Probability & Statistics Diagnostic

6. Research Programs


7. Keys and office space,

8. Student photos, Information forms, Logistics

California PATH Rolls into Action at ITS America

California Partners for Advanced Transportation Technology made a big impression at the June ITS America meeting in in San Jose, Calif. by bringing along three Class-8 truck tractors for Cooperative Adaptive Cruise Control demonstration rides.

“This was a great opportunity to raise the level of awareness about our truck platooning effort, our partnership, and our organizations in a significant way,” says PATH Co-Director Tom West.

US car sharing service kept 28,000 private cars off the road in 3 years

 Nearly 90% of Americans own cars, making the country a leader in traffic jams and pollution and costing the economy $124bn. Car sharing presents a good antidote to decongesting our roads – it gives people the freedom to drive whenever they want without the cost of maintaining and parking their cars.

According to new research released this month, each vehicle used for one-way car sharing, in particular, can eliminate as many as 11 cars from plying the streets and cutting greenhouse gas emissions by nearly 13 metric tons a year.


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