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Oakland International Airport Leads the Way in Reducing Diesel Emissions

Oakland International Airport has received a $2.5 million grant from the Federal Aviation Administration for a project that will significantly reduce the amount of diesel pollution produced by planes parked overnight at the airport for maintenance or loading and unloading cargo. The money will be used to install emission-free electrical ground power at 18 overnight parking spots away from the terminal. Rather than use jet-fueled auxiliary power units or diesel-fueled power, the planes will plug in to the much cleaner electrical power system.

Availability of FasTrak toll Devices to Increase as Tolls Rise

With tolls going up July 1, Bay Area transportation officials announced an increase in regional outlets to purchase FasTrak toll tags, which will offer limited discounts to drivers. The FasTrak electronic toll tags are now available at 125 Walgreens stores in the Bay Area, the Bay Area Toll Authority said Thursday. The devices have been sold at Safeway and Costco stores since 2007.

California's Painful Budget Revision (Editorial)

A short list of what's falling from the tree: Schwarzenegger's budget would eliminate CalWORKS, the state's welfare-to-work program. Families would lose both state grants (of about $500 per month) and state-subsidized day care. The budget would slash 60 percent of the state's spending for county mental health programs. In-home health care programs for the elderly and the disabled would lose about a third of their funding. And the state would grab about $880 million from state transportation projects in an attempt to balance the budget.

Senior Citizens to Need Additional $3.9 Billion in Services Annually by 2030, APTA Finds

Public transportation operators will incur increased operating and capital costs of up to $3.9 billion annually by 2030 to serve the rapidly growing portion of Americans older than 65, according to a study released last Friday by the American Public Transportation Association. The study highlights the increased operational needs to serve the growing senior population. The number of Americans over age 65 will grow by 79% in the next 20 years, according to the study.

In India, Hitching Hopes on a Subway

The Delhi Metro manages to defy just about every stereotype of urban India. It is scrupulously clean, impeccably maintained and almost unfailingly punctual. Its cars are the latest models, complete with air-conditioning and even power outlets to let commuters charge their mobile phones and laptops. Its signaling and other safety technology is first rate, and the system is among the best in the world, urban transport experts say.

Here Comes the Neighborhood

Conventional suburbs are overbuilt and out of favor. In cities and suburbs alike, walkable neighborhoods linked by train are the future. Here’s how a new network of privately funded rail lines can make that future come to pass more quickly and cheaply—and help reinvigorate housing and the economy.


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