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Muni Union Not Giving What City Wants to Take

Muni drivers and management remain as far apart as ever over the city's demand for major contract concessions - but then, the list of proposed take-backs is long....Management also wants to reassign the six employees now paid to do union business full time. And it wants to boost the workload for the three dozen or so "full-time" drivers who, for reasons no one can explain, are now assigned to just one run a day.

BART Fare Cut Proposal is Political Posturing (Editorial)

It's tempting to offer BART riders a fare cut, especially after an increase last year, reduced service, and - let's not forget - the system's battered image after the police shooting of Oscar Grant last year. But the idea isn't coming from budget planners or BART staff. It's floated by board members who are up for reelection this fall. While bridge fares, gas prices and parking are going up, wouldn't it be great to run as the commuter's friend who lowered ticket prices?

T Taps Tech-Savvy to Keep Riders in Loop


An LED sign mounted above a display case, to the left of the ice cream counter and the right of the life-sized cow. In red letters that scroll across the face, it displays arrival times for the next two buses. The sign was built not by the MBTA, but by a 42-year-old software engineer and entrepreneur who lives around the corner and wanted a better way to catch the bus. With $350 in materials and an afternoon’s work, Benjamin Resner accomplished what the T has been talking about doing for years.


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