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Vehicle Tax a Key to Marin Senior Transit

Plans under review by the Transportation Authority of Marin could result in a ballot measure this fall calling for a $10 hike in vehicle fees, and county transit officials informally agreed Monday that some of that money should be used to increase transportation services for seniors. A "senior mobility program" covering a wide range of improvements benefiting transit for the elderly is even more important than providing area shuttle service, said Supervisor Steve Kinsey, who also serves as head of the Transportat

Regional Transit Clinging to Life

 Despite doubling the cost of riding public transportation since 1997, the Bay Area’s 28 transit systems collectively face a $25 billion projected shortfall in the next quarter-century, leaving the future of nearly every agency in question. Unpredictable revenue sources, unsustainable cost structures and underpriced auto alternatives are the driving forces behind the dismal outlook for public transit, according to the latest annual report from the Metropolitan Transportation Commission, the region’s lead transit planning group. 

MTC Report Shows Dismal Future for Transit Operators

The report rightly points to endemic land-use and auto-centric development problems in the Bay Area that make transit less attractive for many than driving: "The Bay Area's transit system operates under the difficult combination of unpredictable revenue sources and unsustainable cost structure on the one hand, and underpriced auto alternatives and insufficiently transit-supportive land uses on the other."

New Ash Cloud Appears Headed Toward Britain

A new ash clouded appeared headed toward the United Kingdom, increasing the uncertainty about the return of air traffic to certain parts of the British Isles on Tuesday, the organization that controls air traffic in the area said....The traffic control body had said at 3:30 p.m. London time that Scottish airspace would reopen Tuesday morning and that restrictions over England and Wales, including the London area, might be lifted later in the day.

Airspace over Northern Europe to open Tuesday

Europe's ash-filled skies have cracked open slightly to allow more stranded travelers to fly home, but aviation authorities warned Monday that the reprieve could prove temporary with the Icelandic volcano still erupting....British officials said enough grit and dust had dispersed over Northern Ireland, Scotland and north England for airspace over that region to reopen Tuesday morning, after five days of almost continuous shutdown. 

Reservations for the All-Electric Nissan Leaf start Tuesday

The four-door Nissan Leaf will go on sale later this year at a cost of about $20,000 after a federal tax credit and state rebate, a price low enough that auto industry analysts say it will attract consumers who have never considered driving electric vehicles before. nterest in the Leaf is so high that Nissan will begin accepting reservations Tuesday. While it will be the first affordable all-electric car to hit the market, several other models are expected to roll out within the next two years.

High-Speed Rail Impacts Detailed City by City

The California High-Speed Rail Authority released its most detailed engineering report for the Bay Area this month, providing the clearest picture yet of how the bullet train tracks are likely to change the landscape of cities along the Caltrain line. The following is a city-by-city breakdown of Santa Clara County that details how engineers are putting together a tricky puzzle. Their mission: Fit four tracks along the existing two-track Caltrain corridor without running out of money or angering local leaders and residents.


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