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China Again Hopes to Drive U.S. Rail Construction

Nearly 150 years after American railroad companies imported thousands of Chinese laborers to build rail lines across the West, China is poised once again to play a role in American rail construction. But this time it would be an entirely different role: supplying the technology and engineers to build high-speed rail lines. The Chinese government has signed cooperation agreements with the state of California and General Electric to help build such lines.

Building a Green Economy

If you listen to climate scientists — and despite the relentless campaign to discredit their work, you should — it is long past time to do something about emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases...Is it possible to make drastic cuts in greenhouse-gas emissions without destroying our economy?

Transit Boom in the Works

The redeveloped Bayview and Hunters Point neighborhoods will feature $229 million in transportation improvements, including elevated rapid-bus lines, extensions to existing Muni service, new bike paths and improved pedestrian walkways...Existing local bus lines like the 23-Monterey, the 54-Felton and the 24-Divisadero would be extended to better serve the Candlestick Point and Hunters Point neighborhoods.

Why the Anti-Urban Bias? (Opinion)

THE BILLIONS of dollars being spent on infrastructure across the nation provide an opportunity to plan for a better America, but politics-as-usual favors sprawl over city. This anti-urban bias of national policies must end. Over the past 60 years, cities have been hit by a painful policy trifecta: subsidization of highways, subsidization of homeownership, and a school system that creates strong incentives for many parents to leave city borders.


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