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Evening Commute Lanes on Golden Gate Bridge Changing Again

Golden Gate Bridge officials have changed evening commute lane configurations again to help appease drivers heading south from Marin. Traditionally there have been four lanes going north during the evening commute, but that changed in 2002 when officials split bridge lanes, three in each direction. That was because traffic counts showed increased southbound traffic and decreased northbound traffic.

How will High-Speed Rail Affect Your City? (Part 1 of 2)

A day after the California High-Speed Rail Authority released its most detailed engineering report for the Bay Area, Peninsula residents are beginning to figure out how the bullet train is likely to zip through their communities. The following is a city-by-city breakdown, from northern to central San Mateo County, detailing how engineers are trying to put together the puzzle of fitting four tracks along the existing two-track Caltrain corridor. An analysis of southern San Mateo County will follow next week.

Port of Oakland Sees Surge in Passenger, Cargo Volume

Both the port’s maritime and airport divisions are turning in higher numbers, suggesting that cargo shipping and airline passenger volumes are on the rebound. For two consecutive years, the Port of Oakland laid off workers and slowed capital expenses at its airport and maritime operations. In the latest round of cuts last year, the port cut about 6 percent of its workforce, affecting workers represented by the SEIU and IBEW at the port and airport.


European Airports Redouble Efforts to Reduce Carbon Emissions

In the world rankings of big polluters, airports occupy a very respectable position near the foot of the table...But European airports are keen to tackle their greenhouse gas emissions – several individual airport operators having already committed to becoming carbon neutral in the past few years with some having already achieved this," says Airports Council International (ACI) Europe, which represents more than 400 airports in 46 European countries.

Panel Revives Plan to Run Fast Trains on Shared Track Between Anaheim and L.A.

A high-speed rail configuration that backers say could save up to $2 billion and greatly reduce demolition of homes and businesses across the heart of Southern California was revived Thursday by project officials. In the 6-1 vote at a meeting in San Jose, the California High-Speed Rail Authority agreed to revisit a plan, discarded in 2008, to share existing rail where feasible with commuter and freight services operating along a 34-mile route between Anaheim and downtown's Union Station....The action came in response to local officials' concerns that hundreds of private properties would hav

BART Riders Might get Short-Term Fare Discount

BART fares won't go up and might even go down temporarily, judging by the discussion at the agency's board of directors meeting Thursday....The amount of the proposed fare rollback wasn't pinpointed at the meeting, and sentiments leaned toward limiting the amount of time it would be effective. The board's finance committee will weigh various ideas on how to reward riders at its Monday meeting.


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