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Parking at Ferry Plaza Nixed

Merchants in the Ferry Building Marketplace fear their businesses will suffer after plans were dumped to add parking spaces to the adjacent plaza...Ferry Building merchants on Thursday expressed anger about the decision to dump plans for new parking, saying the additional 65 spaces would have benefited the boutique grocers, butchers and other nearby businesses.

Railroads Have Until April 16 to Submit PTC Roll-out Plans

The months-long wait for the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) to issue a final implementation rule on positive train control (PTC) ended for U.S. railroads on Jan. 12. Now, the 30 roads affected by the federal PTC mandate — including the Class Is, Amtrak and 22 commuter railroads — have a few months to pore over the rule and ensure their implementation plans comply before they submit them to the FRA by the April 16 deadline.

Lag In Intelligent Transportation Could Hurt Economy

 The United States lags years behind countries like Japan, Singapore and South Korea in implementing sophisticated intelligent transportation systems that make moving goods and people more efficient, and it could hurt the economy, according to a new report....The technology can range from synchronizing traffic lights for optimal traffic flow to providing real-time information on traffic conditions and accidents to minimize traffic congestion. In Singapore, for example, all traffic lights are programmed for optimal traffic flow but just 40 percent of traffic lights in the United States are.

Bound for New York? Pity About Those Airports

Consumers gave some of the weakest scores to the area's three main airports -- John F. Kennedy International, Newark Liberty International and LaGuardia International -- for everything from baggage handling to security checkpoints in J.D. Power & Associates' North America Airport Satisfaction Study for 2010. The three ranked low across the board as consumers complained that getting in and out of the airports was as much of a hassle as waiting for their bags.

A Paper Trail to BART

How the deal fell through: An annotated guide to the Oakland Airport connector from November 2000 when Alameda County voters approved a sales tax for a list of transportation improvements--to February 10, 2010 when the project was found to be not in compliance with the Civil Rights Act.


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