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Smart Cities

Smart Cities Research Center is a collaboration between UC Berkeley and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory to improve energy-efficient mobility systems. Urban mobility understanding can be greatly improved by taking advantage of a new generation of data that has been collected by mobile devices. We study mathematical models and data analytics with approaches ranging from urban-scale simulation to control theory. We work with industry and public agencies to collect and model data for the purpose of developing more efficient transportation networks. The research focuses on novel approaches to modeling interdependent energy and transportation systems. The work leverages analytics capabilities of rich geospatial data and develops novel approaches to studying multiple aspects of urban dynamics in the nexus of cyber, physical, and social systems. Machine learning, high-performance computing, along with a variety of optimization algorithms and infrastructure control methods informs our work to produce transportation development scenarios and recommendations to practitioners and decision makers. Research areas are grounded in the disciplines covered by master’s and doctorate programs in civil, systems, urban planning, and transportation engineering.







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OUR MISSION: Improve mobility and quality of life in our cities, in a sustainable and energyefficient way, by advancing quantitative modeling of urban systems. Foster interdisciplinary training to solve real-world challenges of managing modern cities.

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  • Urban Data Analytics
  • Grid / Transportation Integration
  • Smart Transportation
  • Data Driven Energy Modeling
  • Analytics of Geospatial Temporal Data Analytics

Example Projects

  • Mobiliti: Scalable Transportation Simulation Using High-Performance Computing
  • Data Driven Vehicle Energy Modeling

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