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ITS News

January 8, 2014

Robert Cervero Co-Authors Transforming Cities with Transit

A new book co-authored by UCTC Director Robert Cervero and published by the World Bank explores the opportunities offered by transit and land-use integration in rapidly growing cities.
January 8, 2014

Berkeley Scholars to Study Equity Issues Related to Transportation-Oriented Development

The California Air Resources Board has awarded a team of UC Berkeley transportation and planning researchers nearly $700,000 to study the effects of transit-oriented development (TOD) on communities of color.
September 14, 2017

The Evolution of Bikesharing

Some 60,000 people have used New York City's new bikesharing program since it began in May, and new programs are opening soon in San Francisco and San Diego.
August 1, 2013

How Green Is Your Commute? Ask the Quantified Traveler

In a recent issue of California Magazine, ITS Professor Raja Sengupta and Ph.D. student André Carrel describe how a new app they developed changes traveler behavior. "We know that people can persuade people," said Sengupta.
September 14, 2017

How Transportation Works -- Or Doesn't

 Twenty-three students worked in teams to examine eight transportation problems, find potential solutions and defend them to fellow students, teachers and transportation professionals. 
September 24, 2013

Berkeley Transportation Student Honored by Global Transport Ministers

Laura Schewel, Ph.D.candidate and CEO of StreetLight Data, which she founded, has won the International Transport Forum's 2013 Young Researcher of the Year Award for her paper, "Shop 'Till We Drop: A History and Policy Analysis of Retail Goods Movement." 
September 24, 2013

Professor Arpad Horvath Co-authors Winning ES&T Paper

In an award-winning paper, Professor Arpad Horvath and his co-authors suggest that because low-level ethanol-gasoline blends have not consistently performed better than ethanol-free gasoline, it would be more efficient to to concentrate consumption of gasoline containing 10 percent ethanol closer
September 24, 2013

SafeTREC GSR Wins SF Bay Area ITE Student Paper Grand Prize

Katie Leung has won the grand prize for her presentation and paper, "Connecting Vehicles and ITS Infrastructure," in the 2013 Institute of Transportation Engineers San Francisco Bay Area Section. 
September 24, 2013

New Global Road Safety Training Program at UC Berkeley

SafeTREC has announced the formation of a Global Road Safety Training Program, a collaboration between the School of Public Health and ITS. On a global scale, road crashes are projected to be the number 5 cause of death by 2030. 
May 3, 2013

Tech Transfer Wins Chancellor's Outstanding Staff Award

Forced to drastically cut staff after losing state funding in 2011, the Technology Transfer Program, which provides training to professionals in the transportation field, re-invented its public service program as self-supporting.
September 24, 2013

Tempting Big Oil with Hydrogen

 Oil company president and CEO Greg Goff got behind the wheel of TSRC's hydrogen fuel cell Mercedes and drove to AC Transit's Emeryville hydrogen station where TSRC co-director Tim Lipman showed him how fast and easy it is to fill 'er up. 
September 24, 2013

Two ITS Students Earn Outstanding Graduate Student Instructor Awards for 2012-13

Michael Seelhorst and Julia Griswold are among nine Civil and Environmental Engineering graduate students selected to receive this year's Outstanding Graduate Student Instructor Awards.  
September 24, 2013

Berkeley Transportation Students Awarded Two Enos

Two UC Berkeley transportation students have received coveted Eno awards this year, which will allow them to spend several days in Washington, D.C. talking to legislators and professionals who shape transportation policies for the country. Twenty awards were given nationally. 
April 9, 2013

ITS Berkeley to Host 9th Annual Inter-University Symposium on Infrastructure Management

UC Berkeley Professor Alexandre Bayen will be the plenary speaker for this student-run, two-day symposium on infrastructure management to be held June 6-7 on the Berkeley campus.
March 6, 2013

Berkeley-led UCTC awarded millions for transportation research

Researchers at the University of California Transportation Center (UCTC), a research consortium led by UC Berkeley that includes the UC and California State Univer
March 11, 2013

Kendra K. Levine Awarded Special Library's Association Rising Star Award

The international Special Libraries Association, founded more than 100 years ago, has chosen ITS librarian Kendra K. Levine to receive a "Rising Star" award for her "exceptional promise of leadership and contribution to the association and profession." 
March 11, 2013

Tackling Transportation Planning with Behavioral Theory and Smartphone Technology

ITS associate professors Raja Sengupta and Joan Walker combine behavioral theory and smartphone technology to improve transportation modeling and planning. Their Quantified Traveler app, described in the Berkeley Engineer, provides the data. 
February 1, 2013

Winter 2013 Berkeley Transportation Letter Now Online

ITS students and faculty design a "transit orientation" plan for Los Angeles, delve into the complex reasons for flight delays, and develop a model to improve future transportation needs by taking into account human nature.
June 4, 2013

Berkeley Campus Reimagined as a Subway System—and a T-shirt

If the UC Berkeley campus were a transit system with its footpaths as lines and its buildings as stops, what would it look like?  ITS student Dan Howard shows us. And he created a t-shirt with the campus-as-subway plan that anyone can order--until Jan. 31. 
June 4, 2013

Cellphone, GPS data suggest new strategy for alleviating traffic tie-ups

Asking all commuters to cut back on rush-hour driving reduces traffic congestion somewhat, but asking specific groups of drivers to stay off the road may work even better. Not all drivers contribute uniformly to congestion, says Alexandre Bayen, who co-authored a new study on congestion.