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US Transport Chief Test-Rides Japan Magnetic Train

 The US transport chief took a test ride Tuesday on Japan's super-fast magnetic train, a contender for President Barack Obama's multi-billion-dollar national high speed railway project. Japan is up against China, France, Germany and other bidders as it seeks to sell its "Shinkansen" bullet and magnetic train systems for the American rail plan, which is backed by 13 billion dollars in public funding....The train hovers 10 centimetres (four inches) above the tracks and reached a world record speed of 581 kilometres per hour in 2003, says the operator, which is proposing it for a link between

Lawmakers Demand that High-Speed Rail Authority Fix Oversight, Funding Problems

A panel of state lawmakers on Tuesday ordered California's bullet train planners to quickly fix the oversight, management and funding plan problems detailed in a recent audit. The Senate Transportation and Housing Committee, in a three-hour hearing on the April 29 audit of the California High-Speed Rail Authority, at times attacked the agency for running a program the committee's chairman called "not coherent." ...In addition, committee member and state Sen.

Fare Increase Won't Fix Public Transit

It's time that the dozens of city- and county-run systems that make up the region's transit network get together and hash out a plan to expand ridership, rather than repeatedly reaching deeper into the pockets of those who already ride the bus....The problem is that most of these systems are focusing solely on short-term financial gain and all but ignoring long-term promotion of public transportation as a practical alternative to traveling by car.


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