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Drive Started for Ballot Measure to Suspend State's Greenhouse Gas Law

A backlash against efforts in California and Congress to rein in greenhouse gas emissions is brewing in hard economic times. A coalition of businesses — including two Bay Area oil refiners — and an anti-tax group has begun a signature drive for a November ballot initiative that would suspend California's pioneering law to combat global warming until the jobless rate drops back to 2006 levels.... California, the role of Texas oil companies in the initiative is another element in the debate over the plan to suspend the state's 2006 greenhouse gas law until the state's unemployment rate reache

HSR Tracks Likely Buried

Since high-speed train tracks will likely be buried in Millbrae, it is logical the tracks will also likely be buried in Burlingame and the northern part of San Mateo, said Millbrae Councilwoman Gina Papan last night. It was a statement with which Burlingame Vice Mayor Terry Nagel did not quite agree....It was the second night in a row Nagel spent discussing high-speed rail, as the Burlingame City Council approved spending $185,000 Monday night to spend on consultants to try and pressure the California Hig-Speed Rail Authority to bury the tracks in their city.

Senate Gives Final Approval to 9-Month Extension, $19.5 Billion for Highway Trust Fund

The Senate gave final approval this morning to a bill known as the "HIRE Act" containing seven transportation provisions including an extension of authorization for federal highway and transit programs through Dec. 31 as well as providing $19.5 billion to the Highway Trust Fund. Today's vote to concur with House amendments sends the legislation to President Barack Obama.

Alameda Land-use Ruling could Reshape State

When an Alameda County judge this month ruled that Pleasanton must loosen its development rules to allow large amounts of new housing for all income levels, he sent a message that could ricochet around the state....If the Alameda decision stands, and if other cities face legal challenges, the result could reshape the landscape of California suburbs and small cities - conceivably forcing them to reconsider height limits or increasing the density in their downtowns.

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles (of the Future)

We have a good idea of what the near-term future of transportation will look like: hybrid vehicles, like the Chevy Volt; electric cars, such as the Tesla Roadster; the rickshaw-cum-Segway known as the General Motors P.U.M.A.; and high-speed train systems that operate using magnetic levitation...."Society and mobility is going to transform quite a bit over the next 50 to 100 years," predicts Mark Moore, an aerospace engineer at NASA's Langley Research Center in Virginia.

Parsons Brinckerhoff Awarded US high-speed Rail Contracts

Balfour Beatty's US subsidiary, Parsons Brinckerhoff, has been awarded three new contracts to manage high-speed and intercity passenger rail projects in Illinois, Ohio and Florida, US....Parsons Brinckerhoff is already leading the programme management team overseeing the implementation of the California High-Speed Rail project, an 800-mile (1290 km) long system serving Sacramento, the San Francisco Bay Area, the Central Valley, Los A


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