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Panel Revives Plan to Run Fast Trains on Shared Track Between Anaheim and L.A.

A high-speed rail configuration that backers say could save up to $2 billion and greatly reduce demolition of homes and businesses across the heart of Southern California was revived Thursday by project officials. In the 6-1 vote at a meeting in San Jose, the California High-Speed Rail Authority agreed to revisit a plan, discarded in 2008, to share existing rail where feasible with commuter and freight services operating along a 34-mile route between Anaheim and downtown's Union Station....The action came in response to local officials' concerns that hundreds of private properties would hav

BART Riders Might get Short-Term Fare Discount

BART fares won't go up and might even go down temporarily, judging by the discussion at the agency's board of directors meeting Thursday....The amount of the proposed fare rollback wasn't pinpointed at the meeting, and sentiments leaned toward limiting the amount of time it would be effective. The board's finance committee will weigh various ideas on how to reward riders at its Monday meeting.

Air District OKs $1.2 Million for Vehicle Buy Back Plan

To reduce harmful air pollution from vehicle tailpipes, the Bay Area Air Quality Management District’s board of directors has authorized $1.2 million to pay for the extension of the Vehicle Buyback Program for Bay Area residents...Among the air pollutants reduced by the program are fine particulates and ozone precursors — the main ingredients in smog. These pollutants contribute to respiratory diseases and increased mortality rates.

More Enforcement Planned Against Distracted Driving

Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood said Wednesday he would escalate efforts to stop motorists from texting or talking on mobile phones, funding pilot programs to ticket distracted drivers in New York and Connecticut and urging auto makers to rethink hands-free communications systems in cars... The distracted driving crackdown's slogan: "Phone in One Hand. Ticket in the Other."...Mr.

Easing Congestion Not Easy at I-80 Interchange in Richmond

A new plan to reduce bumper-to-bumper traffic at Interstate 80 and Central Avenue in Richmond would close an on-ramp at certain hours, block some left turns, add three traffic signals and create a new road. The two-part, $19 million plan would relieve congestion along the busy artery for about 15 years, said Amin AbuAmara, project manager with the Contra Costa Transportation Authority.

Novato Complains to Caltrans about Floral 'Billboard'

Novato has sent a letter of complaint to Caltrans about an 1,800-square-foot flower arrangement sponsored by Toyota that some consider an illegal billboard along Highway 101. City Manager Michael Frank said he wrote a letter opposing the flower bed installed last month by Greenroad Media, a Southern California company that plans to lease the space and others around the state to advertisers.


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