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Commuters Put Brakes on Program

In the past five years, a nonprofit has paid for more than 6,000 people to carpool and split the bill for more than 275 bike racks and lockers in San Mateo County. But in some cases, fewer people have been using the resources. It wasn’t a significant drop, but in 2008, — a nonprofit funded by major transportation agencies such as the Metropolitan Transportation Commission and the Bay Area Air Quality Management District — paid for half of 77 bike lockers.

Push to Build 2 Crucial Bay Bridge Parts Faster

Bridge officials are trying to speed fabrication of two critical pieces of the span in China - perhaps by offering more incentives - and are even looking at the possibility of opening the new span before it is completed....But whether the $6.3 billion bridge will open in 2013 hinges largely on the production of the final two steel deck segments, which link the suspension span with the completed skyway section of the new bridge and support the suspension cable on the east end.

Oil Companies Look at Permanent Refinery Cutbacks

 The response to slumping gasoline use would likely mean higher prices for drivers. Consumer advocates want regulators to examine the firms' plans. Energy companies are suffering huge losses from refining because of slumping gasoline use -- a product of the economic downturn and changing consumer habits and preferences. Energy experts say refining cutbacks have already begun and will accelerate as corporations strive for profits.


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