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Potholes Put Dent in City Coffers

Drivers are battling an epidemic of teeth-rattling potholes, jarring not only wheels and tires but also transportation departments trying to pay for road fixes. Pothole patching crews are making repairs earlier this year after an unusually severe winter of heavy snowstorms followed by freezing temperatures, then a quick warm-up.

Counties Eye Ballot Measures to Raise Auto Registration Fee for Transportation Funding

Transportation agencies in Alameda, Contra Costa, Solano, Santa Clara and other Bay Area counties are considering seeking local voter approval to increase vehicle registration fees by $10 per year to fix potholes, improve public transit and take other measures to fight congestion. Officials said they believed voters were so fed up with poor road conditions and public transit service cuts because of reduced state funding that they might agree to higher fees in economic ha

State Transit Projects may be U.S. Models

The Obama administration said Thursday that it is looking at projects in the Bay Area and potentially Los Angeles as a model to build and repair hundreds of billions of dollars of rail, road, bridge, port and other projects as the nation's infrastructure is crumbling but new federal funds are drying up. The idea is to use federal loans, backed by local tax revenues, to speed up huge transit and other local projects while taking advantage of bargain-basement prices in the recession-hit construction industry and creating jobs at the same time....Sen.

Bus Service Cuts Start Sunday in Marin

Marin Transit, which operates bus service within the county, will eliminate runs on several routes in order to save about $1 million annually as the agency deals with budget issues....Meanwhile, the Golden Gate Bridge District's Transportation Committee met Thursday morning to discuss bus cuts to its system. Golden Gate provides mostly commute service in Marin, Sonoma and San Francisco.

Bullet Train Meeting Explores Tunnel Options in San Jose

High-speed rail leaders presented potential aerial and underground routes through San Jose to roughly 150 residents at the Gardner Community Center on March 2....The meeting was the first time high-speed rail leaders included tunnel expert Juan Duran, and he said technology exists to dig a potential station 140 feet underground at Diridon station and the planned BART station....Duran cautioned that only 2 percent of the engineering work had been done on a tunnel, and it could cost up to $3 billion....If built


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